We’re fast approaching the end of life for Automation Anywhere's Enterprise V11 platform. That's not a bad thing, however. The industry-leading RPA vendor is replacing the client-based, legacy solution with something more agile and modern  — Automation 360, formerly known as A2019


What Is A2019 / Automation 360? 


The latest iteration of Automation Anywhere's robotic process automation (RPA) solution, Automation 360 is completely web-based, rebuilt by the company from the ground up. It neither relies on specialized infrastructure nor requires an on-premises installation. This allows it to provide greater functionality, better scalability, and improved ease of use at a lower total cost of ownership than its legacy predecessor. 

Automation Anywhere has made a few other changes with Automation 360 as well, including: 

  • Support for CENTOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • UI available in 7 additional languages, bringing the total supported languages to 10. 
  • Available on-premise, as a SaaS app, or as a hybrid deployment.
  • Web-based bot creator platform. 
  • Cognitive technology and artificial intelligence available out of the box. 
  • Task commands have been replaced by modular, package-based "actions." 
  • A new SDK allows customers to develop their own packages. 

Deploying Automation 360 With Tangentia

Tangentia is able to assist you with the following types of deployments



In-house automation workflows with controlled/managed updates via the cloud



Store sensitive data on-site with your deployment in the cloud



On-demand scaling, zero infrastructure, instant access to RPA resources

Planning Your Migration Strategy 

Successfully migrating to Automation 360 begins with laying the proper groundwork. You’ll need to take a measured, deliberate approach, assessing and evaluating your progress and infrastructure at each phase. Here’s how that looks in practice:


How Tangentia Can Help Ease the Transition from Automation Anywhere V11 to Automation 360 (A2019)

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