Migration from legacy ERP to Netsuite


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Company Bio

SodaStream International Ltd is an Israel-based manufacturing company best known as the maker of the consumer home carbonation product of the same name. The company's soda machines, in the style of soda siphons, add carbon dioxide to water from a pressurized cylinder to create carbonated water for drinking. It also sells more than 100 types of concentrated syrups and flavorings that are used in the process of making carbonated drinks. In 2018, SodaStream distributed its products to 80,000 individual retail stores across 45 countries.



From purchase orders and quotes to loan applications and invoices, businesses in B2B manufacturing are required to manage a considerable volume of paperwork. Done manually, filling out and transmitting these documents is incredibly time-consuming. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) first emerged several decades ago as a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, early EDI solutions were far from perfect. They were often incredibly error-prone, even more than manual paperwork. This was only exacerbated by their relative complexity.



Sodastream moved away from their in-house Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system to cloud-based Netsuite ERP and needed to upgrade their integrated setup to set up the connectivity with Netsuite and migrate all of their existing EDI data and business processes into the new integrated process.​


Tangentia’s Solution: Tangentia utilized Tangentia Gateway to setup their connectivity with their global trading partners and to seamlessly integrate their EDI orders, shipments and invoices with Netsuite.​


Our Impact

Sodastream has successfully migrated into Netsuite and has been efficiently processing their huge volume of orders from multiple sales channels via the new integrated EDI process with Netsuite that allows real-time transaction flow between their trading partners.​



Migration from in-house ERP MS Dynamics NAV to cloud-based ERP Netsuite, end-to-end integration via API/web services​

“When you are limited on manual processes, you can only do so much. Once you have the capabilities of a larger ERP system and an EDI provider like Tangentia, the possibilities are almost endless. We've been with Tangentia for 9 years and it's been absolutely fantastic!


Kari McLean

Sr. Manager IT - Business Applications & Projects


More than 10 years later, SodaStream’s partnership with Tangentia continues to deliver exceptional value. What started as a simple engagement to optimize an order management system has developed into a long-term relationship that provides SodaStream with access to innovative solutions and all the technical expertise they need to stay competitive.


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