Rollover Pet Food Experiences Seamless EDI Transition With Tangentia


The modern shopping experience is all about convenience. Online retailers and brands face tremendous pressure to provide the best experience possible—every time. Add to that ecommerce growth showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s clear why ecommerce brands rely so heavily on EDI.

EDI plays a vital role in standardizing the exchange of business documents between two companies. It’s the backbone that ensures product accuracy, inventory availability, and consistency across any marketplaces an online retailer sells within.

With no shortage of EDI solutions on the market, it’s important that online brands work with an EDI provider that understands their industry, products, and values to create seamless EDI integrations that keep things running smoothly.

About Rollover 

Rollover Pet Food is a premium pet food company that’s focused on creating high-quality and healthy pet food and treats. With 30+ years in the industry, Canadians count on Rollover for all-natural, superior quality products.

The Problem

Rollover Pet Food was looking to change providers to reduce their EDI costs. They wanted to make the transition to a full cloud-based EDI solution. The biggest challenge was timing this transition.

When their longstanding sales representative left the company, customer service declined, support requests were taking too long to resolve, and they saw better solutions on the market—it became clear it was time for change.

Rollover Pet Food wanted a more personalized experience than their previous vendor’s automated approach could offer.

The Solution

Rollover Pet Food came into contact with Tangentia, and was instantly won over by the customer service provided by Charlton.

From there, the initial plans to transition Rollover to the cloud-based Tangentia Gateway solution were put in place.

The new system would provide an integration between Sage and Rollover Pet Food’s other vendors, feature all the benefits of the cloud, and full support from Tangentia’s integration and support teams.

“When comparing EDI vendors, cost is a big factor. Add to that finding a reputable Canadian vendor. Tangentia has awesome customer service and their platform is simple to use. From day one, we knew we were in great hands. I definitely recommend them.”


Genaah Meadows

Director of Operations, Rollover Pet Food

The Outcome

Rollover Pet Food experienced seamless discovery, deployment, and onboarding processes that never lost focus of their vision.

The company now has access to an industry leading EDI solution, a responsive support team to troubleshoot issues, and full confidence in the system their company relies on to handle complex transactional processes.

With Tangentia, Rollover Pet Food has a trusted partner that’s just as invested in their success. Both Andrew and Julie went above and beyond to make the transition as seamless as possible. This included managing the configuration process, navigating vendor integrations, and ensuring system stability.

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